Hillary under another scandal

Here we go again with the Clintons. I just read that the FBI has all but concluded that Hillary Clinton can be brought up under five different criminal charges.  This why Hillary needs to drop out now to save the Democratic ticket.  She Is being brought up on charges of  (1) Improper disclosure or retention of classified information (2) Destruction of government records (3) Lying to federal agents (4)Lying under oath (5) Obstruction of justice. This was all report on yahoo and I have stated that Hillary is not right for the office of President. The article also state that she had FBI agents that was on her side in AK but this is coming out of the Washington DC office of the FBI to where her corrupt agents was on the Clinton side. I do hope the law goes after her because any other person would have already been arrested. These people need to be made an example out of because they are not above the law. If the justice system does nothing here it just goes to show if you have money and in a certain place in government you can get by with anything. I hope this does not happen because I will keep my eye on the situation and I will keep writing about it until justice is sever to her. We need better people running this country and not someone who is going to lie to get into the White House.

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