Hillary is not good for president

Well I just want to let you people know more about Hillary Clinton before you decide to vote for her. So do we need someone who has ethics violation be president? No, because when Hillary was an intern she was caught in the Watergate scandal and has ethic violation charges against her. She also lied to the Congress and the families of the people killed in Benghazi. She tried to hide what took place there in her emails but she knew about it when it happen because she sent and email to her daughter about the attack. He son-in-law is a hedge fund investor and she will not do any type of Wall Street reform because of this and we need Wall Street and bank reform to stop the greediness of Wall Street and the big banks. Also she does not know what type of Democrat she is because she was ask that on MSMBC. She will fire people who will not side with her on issues in her cabinet and put in people that will. Plus what about Whitewater deal? This woman has scandal just like her husband follow her. She will not try to fix health care to where the poor people can afford it. She will not bring in jobs to this country because she wants to follow the fail policies of Obama and she is just not right for this country. I do not like when a person lies and hide stuff from the country and they are suppose to represent the whole country. If the republicans continue to control the Congress their will be nothing done under her. So she is not right for this country.


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