Gun Control

Here we are again talking about gun control and what Obama is going to do with his executive order. We the people and Congress need to state looking at all these executive order and see if Obama is violating the Constitution and if he is we need to get him for treason. The criminals will always get guns no matter what. They can steal and does anyone knows about the black market? Well look what happen when the FBI gave guns to the Mexicans and it came back to hurt them. One of there own officer was kill by the very gun they let get into the hand of criminals.  So there is no way of stopping illegal guns sale and no matter how many laws we have criminals will always find ways of getting them. Let us just take a look at what happen in CA where terrorist got a hold of the gun and they had good back ground to get the guns so how do you stop something like this? No matter how many law you make criminals will find away around the laws. In England when they took away the guns rime went up 300% because the people had no way of protecting themselves and the is why we are well protected because terrorist and other people who wants to harm the US does not do it because they do not know where all the guns are. We need to start standing together and make it tougher on people who illegal use a gun instead of make to where people can not protect themselves.

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