Hillary is she right for this country?

They are talking about why Hillary left the debate and is that the type of person we need to run this country? Someone who can not be prepared to answer the tough questions. Is she going to leave in the middle of a press conversance? There has been questions about her health and I also heard there is stuff surrounding her son in law how he is help hedge fund managers make more money on the stock market by helping them get a better edge against others. Do we need another scandal in the white house again do we? It high time we the people of the United States start seeing through all these lies and deception that these politicians are telling us. Hillary took a long time to come forth about Benghazi and the people she had underneath her not be forth coming either. Plus the email serve  that she was using that could have leak information into the wrong hands. That is why the government need encrypts in their emails and only use certain email accounts for government use and if not then you need resign your position.

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