Should the laws be change so Felony’s can get a job?

People who never got caught up in this country legal system do  not know what is it like for people with felony records have a hard time finding work. There is a big time discrimination for people who have a felon record and no one cares if these people are trying there best to pay their bills or put food on there table. All these employers what to do is not give these people a second change and these people are discriminated on and not can be done about it.  It is time to changes the laws to help these people who go out and get educated and to have the door slam in their face. If we want to keep crime down then give these people a change to prove themselves. A lot of criminals get caught up in police sting but the felon record does not show that it just shows the crime.  How would these people feel if they had to feed themselves and how would they feel if they had bill collectors call them if they could not find a job.  If we want to stop crime then stop by putting these people to work so they will not go out and commit a crime. The biggest crime that has happen in this country to where no one went to jail is the financial collapse of 2008 to where no of these people went to jail and they are still in charge of everyone money. How do you feel about that? These people should of went to jail for fraud, embezzlement and other crimes but they was to far tie in with the politicians.

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