Is Hillary strong enough for President?

After this last debate I feel Hillary stating about where America is with ISIS is not strong enough. She does not show what she is really going to do to this people. I feel that Hillary is not in touch with a lot of issue here in America,  With ISIS we are not even close to defeat this people and we(the US) is not even close of defeating this people because this President does not care.  Plus with the encryption of internet chat with terrorists on social media. The government should ask company like Google and Apple if they be willing to help them just to encrypt just stuff that is on the net from terrorists and I would think that these companies would do that. Hillary even state that there is no hate in this country and that is what this country does not do. Hillary need to take a look at all the white cops shooting unarm black people to the point if more than one bullet hits a person then you are showing hate towards this group of people. Cops need better training on situation like this and we the people need to make sure that the laws state if the a cop is in great danger that could cost him or other their life then they should kill that person, but if that person is unarm then other methods should be take to stop the person. If the person is arm then no more than three shots should be fired. If more than three bullet hit a person then that cop should be charge with murder.

Hillary was not totally honest with us on Benghazi and how can we trust her as President.  I am tire of people like the Clinton’s and the Bush’s trying to run this country. Is it time we elect someone who can run this country like a business and make real decision that will help the people of this country not some other country or create real treated that if countries does not trade fair with the US the tariffs will be imposed. We need strong leaders not weak one.

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