Stopping the Hate

Here in American has been a melting pot of different type of people. Even with the laws against discrimination has not stop the hate and the discrimination in this country.  I found out here in my state of Missouri a transgender person can get fired from their job and can do nothing about it because of the state laws here against transgender people. State is trying to change that to stop it. Will I am going to say this to all the religious people out there in this country especially the Christians. If you preach love, forgiveness and mercy in the church and do not practice that in your everyday life then you are a murder and Jesus even states that in the Bible so in order to stop people from join hate gang, terrorists group it needs to start in the home and in the Church. For Muslims they need to start show love and start tell the bad one to stop this hate that they are doing and join with the Christian, Jews, and other religious groups to show people love. Black need to stop hating the white and other blacks and start going out and show that you mean something by helping others, getting educated, and get a job because you worked hard for that job. Let us all stop the hate because the person you hate my just save your life one day by donating an organ. Let us make America great again by helping each other and quit being selfish and greedy. Everyone include criminals deserves a second chance at a job and education in this country. Politicians needs to stop making laws by putting people away for a long time for some minor issue and start helping people in this country. We need to elect people with more common sense and stop the money going to hateful politicians.

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