Term limits

Should there be term limits on the US Congress? I feel with too many career politicians in office they tend to lose track of why they are in office. People who has been in there over 2 terms tend to fall into being influence by lobbyists, special interest groups and big corporation. These people forgot they represented the  people who voted them into office. But I have to blame the people who keep on voting these people  same people back into office and not getting any different response from these people they elected. It is time we the people of the United States voted into the Constitution another amendment that will make these people a two term congress person or senator. This will put people in office with fresh ideas and will not be influence by the lobbyists and other groups on what the policies should be. We the people should be able to vote on the leaders pay not the leaders themselves. Who in this country beside our government vote themselves  a pay raise? If congress is not doing well they will not get a raise if they are doing well then maybe the people will give them a raise.

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