Is the election rigged?

Well is the election rigged? Well there is a latest article on Harry Reid went to his home state to help Hillary rigged the election in NV well this is why people do not want to vote when the hear stuff like this. Plus Hillary can not tell the truth she when she is ask a question about her being honest. The news media does not help either in this matter and they should be on top of voter fraud and these people should be put into prison. I do know people who went to prison for voter fraud.  This just goes to show how American politic are not fair and honest. People in this country are not stupid. Also Clinton should drop out after a NSA agency commit on here email situation that she can not make sound judgement calls. Also look at Cruz with want is going there. His aids have been bring up false states so he can win election and Trump has called him out on it. Iowa Cruz did not really win because he told everyone that Carson dropped out when he didn’t. That just goes to show the dirty underhand thing certain people will do to get elected to office and these people should automatic be disqualified from running ever again for any office. This country is dome if we keep on letting these people run for office. We need real people in off ice not no career politician who know how the broken system work and keeps it broke. We need real leaders in office with ideas that will change this country.

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