2016 election

The more things heat up in this year election there are something we the people need to know. If you are backing Hillary stop it because she is not good for this country. There will be no changes under her and she will continue on with the fail policies of this president and will not create jobs and let the big Wall Street Bully continue on with what they are doing. Hillary also broke the law and is let everyone know it is no big deal to her because of who she is. Well that does not set well with several people who has got caught in a crime and  now that we have several millions felons out who has a very hard time getting a job. This will be a big insult to those people who are trying to make a new live and is getting the door slam in their faces because of their felony. She and other politicans will not help these people who are trying to make a living even thou they have been in trouble with the law. So what make her better that anyone else out there? Nothing she is a liar and she put our country in danger and if you do not want your love ones kill because of her leaking top secret information out on the internet then go and vote for her and see what happens.  She is a follower not no leader. Leader have ideas about how they can make this country great again. Hillary and Rubio has taken money from an organization who wants to privatize our prisons and what do you thing will happen there? Rubio and Bush should drop out before they divid the GOP and make to where Hillary will get in office. If the GOP wants to stop Hillary they should tell Rubio and Bush to drop out and maybe one of them can become vice president to who ever take the GOP nomination.  To divid the GOP to where no one gets enough votes to get the nomaination will make the GOP look like a circus and to stop Hillary if her big email scandal does not stop her can be bad news for the GOP. Sanders need to turn up the heat about Hillary creditable and how she is lying to everyone and paying people off to support her. What M. Albert stated about women will I got one better for you M Albright. There is a special place in HELL when women politican lie and think people are blind about the truth. Well We the people needs to stand up for what is right here and not to elect Hillary and we need to take outr country back from the career politicans, the Super Pac’s, and the special interest groups. We the people have the power to stand up for what is right and quit voting these people into office.

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