The news media and Super Pac’s under minding the election

I like to know how everyone feels about how people are getting elected to office. Here we have the news media who will give certain people time on their programs so they can speak about what they want to say. I came to find out here by listening to a Presidential candidate who state that in the state of Michigan a person has to have the news media give them sometime on their network. Is the right and is this fair to others? I do not thing so. Plus in the state of SC a person has to pay $40,000 to get on the ballot this not what our fore father wanted. We are going back to the same old rule of thumb that our fore fathers fought fore. That is freedom and free to choice who we want to run this country not the corporate news medias and the Super Pac’s who deal out millions of dollars to certain people who support their interests. What about the interests of the people? We the people need to fight for our rights here and now. They have already start under minding what we say on social  media and when they take away the First Amendment rights so goes the Constitution and our rights. We need to get the career politics out of office and start sending a message to DC that enough is enough of the lies and enough the fighting up there and start working for the people who put those into office.

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