What did Iowa show?

Well the winner in Iowa are Clinton and Cruz. Well Clinton got by barely and Cruz won because Trump did not show to the debate. Well People need to wake up when thing about Clinton because the latest on here email is that there where name of CIA agents oversea who now their life could be in harm way because of it. Also we have to blame the President for not having and Inspector general in place to oversea the state department while Clinton was secretary of state. Was this on purpose? Well I am hope when Obama gets out of office and as long as Clinton does not get in as President then I hope  full investigation happens here and I hope they got to prison for their crimes. If not this is an insult to everyone who has a felony conviction on their record and every one should be like go if the justice department lets Clinton get by with this. She broke the law and she is not above the law. I just hope people start educating themselves about what she has done here. She is a liar and we do not need a person like her in office.

Cruz he is a person who does not get a long well with other in Congress and does not help the cause here. He may have some good ideas but if you can not get alone with people in your own party they there will be a problem of getting anything done in Washington. We need people who is will to represent this country with honor and values not lies and breaking the law while under oath for the government. We need strong leaders Clinton been in Washington for 30 years now and has not help change anything to better this country. Cruz maybe he can change somethings but at what cost?

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