Hillary email scandal will not go away

As the Iowa is getting ready to determine a candidate for President, things are starting to look bad again for Clinton. The reason why President Obama has not indorse Clinton is because the FBI  is still going through her emails and how she has violate the law on several of these emails. What I have read here is that the scandal has all the requirements to meet an indictment for Clinton for mishandling classified information. Remember Petraeus scandal ? Well this one has more evidence against Clinton of mishandling classified information. There are several dozen email sent through  a private sever that was SECRET, CONFIDENTIAL, TOP SECRET AND SAP( this is some classified about TOP SECERT). One thing is weigh in on all of this is the President and if he want to see Hillary go down. He may have no choice in the matter if the news media starts reporting this and Hillary start losing big time in the polls. At the time of all these emails she was an employee for the government and being a former senator she knew better. She broke the law and need to pay her dues in a court of law just like everyone else does.  This is the question I have should we trust someone who is President who broke the law and get by with it? This will undermined all American values and ethic to the very cord. Who will trust America if we have a President in office who does not obey their own laws?  Also this could undermined the justice system to the very cord as well. It will show if you are someone who is running for President the all hands are off until you become President. I hope the Democratic Party will tell Hillary to step aside and let someone else run or this could very well run the Democratic Party to it very cord and know one will ever vote Democratic again. Hillary needs to come forth with this issue and do it fast or the Democratic are going to be running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Read the article on this at http://nation.foxnews.com/2016/01/27/how-fbi-could-force-doj-prosecute-hillary-clinton

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