Has Hillary stall?

I just read a post on yahoo from the Washington Post. Well Hillary is still keeping her email issue quite but the Justice Department and the FBI is going through them and we are finding out not only did Hillary mishandled her emails, but her staff did as well. Her staff send classified to her home serve in New York where she is living at. There are other issues that is hurting her as well. The younger voters are not buying her as a good person to become President. Also she is not coming off as the strong feminist that the women need because she is not showing that she cares about women issues in a strong way. Plus with Trump gaining ground  and it has all but been confirm by the GOP that they want Trump. If Trump runs against Clinton he will bring out some of her deepest dark secrets because they use to be friends. If the FBI and the Justice Department does bring up charge on Clinton she should step a side and go, but if she continues with charges against the American public will lost interests in her. Plus the tax paying people will not want to have a scandal on their hands where Congress would have to impeach her after she become President. Plus Hillary want Obama to become a Supreme Court judge and we do not need that with Obama is trying to do to this country.

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