Ted Cruz is not the best for the GOP

There has been a lot going around about Ted Cruz. Well Ted Cruz was part of the Tea Party movement that only lasted one or two election cycles. He does not have any friend in Congress and that is including his own party. If he runs against Hillary then I feel Hillary will win by a land slide. But Hillary has a lot of issues too. She is under investigation about her emails and lying under oath to Congress about Benghazi. Plus there are issues floating around about her health too. Like in the one debate where she was late to the debate. The reason was she wanted everyone out of the bathroom so no one would know that she maybe under medication. Ted Cruz is unethical as well called the people in his own party liars on the Senate floor which is not the right thing to do. If you thing Obama is having problems with Congress, then Cruz will have even a harder time getting things done in Congress. Trump knows how to negotiate with people because he is a businessman and have work many deals with many different people through out the world.  He will know how to work treats that will work better for everyone in the world. Cruz will not be able to make deals because he cannot get alone with people in his own party. Plus he is not calling himself a Republican, he is call himself a conservative which is he trying to start another party? Cruz does not see any benefits to help people in these country that is why the governor of Iowa is going against him. So if you have a governor from your own party going against you then you are not good for the party and is not good to run this country, So Cruz like people say go back to Canada.

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