During  this election year there is a lot of question getting ask. It seems that certain people running for office is using there anger to reflect what is going on in this country. Trump has some good point that the system is broken and it has been for many years. Sanders is want Wall Street reform and Clinton doesn’t because her husband start the financial down fall and Sanders is wanting to break back the very laws that President Clinton repeal. Every other country in the world made changes to stop this from happen again. President Obama has done nothing to change Wall Street and the big banks from robbing the taxes payers again. Clinton the reason why she does not want to do this is because her son in law is a hedge fund manager and she will be hurting her family if she does this. There are people still struggling in this country and certain things need to change. One thing is give felons a second change to have a career not a job to where they can make real money and support themselves and their families. Bring everyone together on uniting this country before Obama became president. Redo the justice system because right now they are preying on the poor and the criminals that are trying to do right by setting them up to fail again. We need the president and congress to work together and a leader to do that. Clinton, Cruz, and others will not do this. We need a real leader in office and a person who is not part of the same old system and I mean we need to get rid of the life time people in congress also from both parties and have new blood and have people run with out law degrees to run for office. We need doctors, truck driver, mechanic, farmers, and many common people who know what it is like to work hard for a living not some rich bitchy millionaire run for office and does not have a clue what is going on in this country. The news media needs to quit lying to bring there ratings up and report the truth like it use to be reported. If this country is going to be great again we need to get rid of big government and quit having people in government who think they are above the law in office when they are not. Everyone must obey the law in this country no matter who you are.

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