State of the Union

Are we better off eight years ago then now? Well some people may be but not everyone. One thing that Obama fail to do in his first term as President is get the economy going. Instead he worked on a failed health care system that has more companies and people paying more for health insurance than ever before and this is not affordable. There is no way a poor or unemployed to purchase health care because the cost is too high. Who is benefitting from this? Is the President going to be getting a kick back after he gets out of office?  So what is the President’s plan for his last year in office? Is he going to try to create more jobs? How about helping felons get job so they will not go back to prison. What projects if any will he proposed? Can he work with congress in getting somethings done or is congress going to go a different direction. Let see how all this plays out with the election this year.

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