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Is the election rigged?

Well is the election rigged? Well there is a latest article on Harry Reid went to his home state to help Hillary rigged the election in NV well this is why people do not want to vote when the hear stuff like this. Plus Hillary can not tell the truth she when she is ask a question about her being honest. The news media does not help either in this matter and they should be on top of voter fraud and these people should be put into prison. I do know people who went to prison for voter fraud.  This just goes to show how American politic are not fair and honest. People in this country are not stupid. Also Clinton should drop out after a NSA agency commit on here email situation that she can not make sound judgement calls. Also look at Cruz with want is going there. His aids have been bring up false states so he can win election and Trump has called him out on it. Iowa Cruz did not really win because he told everyone that Carson dropped out when he didn’t. That just goes to show the dirty underhand thing certain people will do to get elected to office and these people should automatic be disqualified from running ever again for any office. This country is dome if we keep on letting these people run for office. We need real people in off ice not no career politician who know how the broken system work and keeps it broke. We need real leaders in office with ideas that will change this country.

2016 election

The more things heat up in this year election there are something we the people need to know. If you are backing Hillary stop it because she is not good for this country. There will be no changes under her and she will continue on with the fail policies of this president and will not create jobs and let the big Wall Street Bully continue on with what they are doing. Hillary also broke the law and is let everyone know it is no big deal to her because of who she is. Well that does not set well with several people who has got caught in a crime and  now that we have several millions felons out who has a very hard time getting a job. This will be a big insult to those people who are trying to make a new live and is getting the door slam in their faces because of their felony. She and other politicans will not help these people who are trying to make a living even thou they have been in trouble with the law. So what make her better that anyone else out there? Nothing she is a liar and she put our country in danger and if you do not want your love ones kill because of her leaking top secret information out on the internet then go and vote for her and see what happens.  She is a follower not no leader. Leader have ideas about how they can make this country great again. Hillary and Rubio has taken money from an organization who wants to privatize our prisons and what do you thing will happen there? Rubio and Bush should drop out before they divid the GOP and make to where Hillary will get in office. If the GOP wants to stop Hillary they should tell Rubio and Bush to drop out and maybe one of them can become vice president to who ever take the GOP nomination.  To divid the GOP to where no one gets enough votes to get the nomaination will make the GOP look like a circus and to stop Hillary if her big email scandal does not stop her can be bad news for the GOP. Sanders need to turn up the heat about Hillary creditable and how she is lying to everyone and paying people off to support her. What M. Albert stated about women will I got one better for you M Albright. There is a special place in HELL when women politican lie and think people are blind about the truth. Well We the people needs to stand up for what is right here and not to elect Hillary and we need to take outr country back from the career politicans, the Super Pac’s, and the special interest groups. We the people have the power to stand up for what is right and quit voting these people into office.

The news media and Super Pac’s under minding the election

I like to know how everyone feels about how people are getting elected to office. Here we have the news media who will give certain people time on their programs so they can speak about what they want to say. I came to find out here by listening to a Presidential candidate who state that in the state of Michigan a person has to have the news media give them sometime on their network. Is the right and is this fair to others? I do not thing so. Plus in the state of SC a person has to pay $40,000 to get on the ballot this not what our fore father wanted. We are going back to the same old rule of thumb that our fore fathers fought fore. That is freedom and free to choice who we want to run this country not the corporate news medias and the Super Pac’s who deal out millions of dollars to certain people who support their interests. What about the interests of the people? We the people need to fight for our rights here and now. They have already start under minding what we say on social  media and when they take away the First Amendment rights so goes the Constitution and our rights. We need to get the career politics out of office and start sending a message to DC that enough is enough of the lies and enough the fighting up there and start working for the people who put those into office.

What did Iowa show?

Well the winner in Iowa are Clinton and Cruz. Well Clinton got by barely and Cruz won because Trump did not show to the debate. Well People need to wake up when thing about Clinton because the latest on here email is that there where name of CIA agents oversea who now their life could be in harm way because of it. Also we have to blame the President for not having and Inspector general in place to oversea the state department while Clinton was secretary of state. Was this on purpose? Well I am hope when Obama gets out of office and as long as Clinton does not get in as President then I hope  full investigation happens here and I hope they got to prison for their crimes. If not this is an insult to everyone who has a felony conviction on their record and every one should be like go if the justice department lets Clinton get by with this. She broke the law and she is not above the law. I just hope people start educating themselves about what she has done here. She is a liar and we do not need a person like her in office.

Cruz he is a person who does not get a long well with other in Congress and does not help the cause here. He may have some good ideas but if you can not get alone with people in your own party they there will be a problem of getting anything done in Washington. We need people who is will to represent this country with honor and values not lies and breaking the law while under oath for the government. We need strong leaders Clinton been in Washington for 30 years now and has not help change anything to better this country. Cruz maybe he can change somethings but at what cost?

Hillary email scandal will not go away

As the Iowa is getting ready to determine a candidate for President, things are starting to look bad again for Clinton. The reason why President Obama has not indorse Clinton is because the FBI  is still going through her emails and how she has violate the law on several of these emails. What I have read here is that the scandal has all the requirements to meet an indictment for Clinton for mishandling classified information. Remember Petraeus scandal ? Well this one has more evidence against Clinton of mishandling classified information. There are several dozen email sent through  a private sever that was SECRET, CONFIDENTIAL, TOP SECRET AND SAP( this is some classified about TOP SECERT). One thing is weigh in on all of this is the President and if he want to see Hillary go down. He may have no choice in the matter if the news media starts reporting this and Hillary start losing big time in the polls. At the time of all these emails she was an employee for the government and being a former senator she knew better. She broke the law and need to pay her dues in a court of law just like everyone else does.  This is the question I have should we trust someone who is President who broke the law and get by with it? This will undermined all American values and ethic to the very cord. Who will trust America if we have a President in office who does not obey their own laws?  Also this could undermined the justice system to the very cord as well. It will show if you are someone who is running for President the all hands are off until you become President. I hope the Democratic Party will tell Hillary to step aside and let someone else run or this could very well run the Democratic Party to it very cord and know one will ever vote Democratic again. Hillary needs to come forth with this issue and do it fast or the Democratic are going to be running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Read the article on this at

Has Hillary stall?

I just read a post on yahoo from the Washington Post. Well Hillary is still keeping her email issue quite but the Justice Department and the FBI is going through them and we are finding out not only did Hillary mishandled her emails, but her staff did as well. Her staff send classified to her home serve in New York where she is living at. There are other issues that is hurting her as well. The younger voters are not buying her as a good person to become President. Also she is not coming off as the strong feminist that the women need because she is not showing that she cares about women issues in a strong way. Plus with Trump gaining ground  and it has all but been confirm by the GOP that they want Trump. If Trump runs against Clinton he will bring out some of her deepest dark secrets because they use to be friends. If the FBI and the Justice Department does bring up charge on Clinton she should step a side and go, but if she continues with charges against the American public will lost interests in her. Plus the tax paying people will not want to have a scandal on their hands where Congress would have to impeach her after she become President. Plus Hillary want Obama to become a Supreme Court judge and we do not need that with Obama is trying to do to this country.

Ted Cruz is not the best for the GOP

There has been a lot going around about Ted Cruz. Well Ted Cruz was part of the Tea Party movement that only lasted one or two election cycles. He does not have any friend in Congress and that is including his own party. If he runs against Hillary then I feel Hillary will win by a land slide. But Hillary has a lot of issues too. She is under investigation about her emails and lying under oath to Congress about Benghazi. Plus there are issues floating around about her health too. Like in the one debate where she was late to the debate. The reason was she wanted everyone out of the bathroom so no one would know that she maybe under medication. Ted Cruz is unethical as well called the people in his own party liars on the Senate floor which is not the right thing to do. If you thing Obama is having problems with Congress, then Cruz will have even a harder time getting things done in Congress. Trump knows how to negotiate with people because he is a businessman and have work many deals with many different people through out the world.  He will know how to work treats that will work better for everyone in the world. Cruz will not be able to make deals because he cannot get alone with people in his own party. Plus he is not calling himself a Republican, he is call himself a conservative which is he trying to start another party? Cruz does not see any benefits to help people in these country that is why the governor of Iowa is going against him. So if you have a governor from your own party going against you then you are not good for the party and is not good to run this country, So Cruz like people say go back to Canada.


During  this election year there is a lot of question getting ask. It seems that certain people running for office is using there anger to reflect what is going on in this country. Trump has some good point that the system is broken and it has been for many years. Sanders is want Wall Street reform and Clinton doesn’t because her husband start the financial down fall and Sanders is wanting to break back the very laws that President Clinton repeal. Every other country in the world made changes to stop this from happen again. President Obama has done nothing to change Wall Street and the big banks from robbing the taxes payers again. Clinton the reason why she does not want to do this is because her son in law is a hedge fund manager and she will be hurting her family if she does this. There are people still struggling in this country and certain things need to change. One thing is give felons a second change to have a career not a job to where they can make real money and support themselves and their families. Bring everyone together on uniting this country before Obama became president. Redo the justice system because right now they are preying on the poor and the criminals that are trying to do right by setting them up to fail again. We need the president and congress to work together and a leader to do that. Clinton, Cruz, and others will not do this. We need a real leader in office and a person who is not part of the same old system and I mean we need to get rid of the life time people in congress also from both parties and have new blood and have people run with out law degrees to run for office. We need doctors, truck driver, mechanic, farmers, and many common people who know what it is like to work hard for a living not some rich bitchy millionaire run for office and does not have a clue what is going on in this country. The news media needs to quit lying to bring there ratings up and report the truth like it use to be reported. If this country is going to be great again we need to get rid of big government and quit having people in government who think they are above the law in office when they are not. Everyone must obey the law in this country no matter who you are.

State of the Union

Are we better off eight years ago then now? Well some people may be but not everyone. One thing that Obama fail to do in his first term as President is get the economy going. Instead he worked on a failed health care system that has more companies and people paying more for health insurance than ever before and this is not affordable. There is no way a poor or unemployed to purchase health care because the cost is too high. Who is benefitting from this? Is the President going to be getting a kick back after he gets out of office?  So what is the President’s plan for his last year in office? Is he going to try to create more jobs? How about helping felons get job so they will not go back to prison. What projects if any will he proposed? Can he work with congress in getting somethings done or is congress going to go a different direction. Let see how all this plays out with the election this year.

Hillary under another scandal

Here we go again with the Clintons. I just read that the FBI has all but concluded that Hillary Clinton can be brought up under five different criminal charges.  This why Hillary needs to drop out now to save the Democratic ticket.  She Is being brought up on charges of  (1) Improper disclosure or retention of classified information (2) Destruction of government records (3) Lying to federal agents (4)Lying under oath (5) Obstruction of justice. This was all report on yahoo and I have stated that Hillary is not right for the office of President. The article also state that she had FBI agents that was on her side in AK but this is coming out of the Washington DC office of the FBI to where her corrupt agents was on the Clinton side. I do hope the law goes after her because any other person would have already been arrested. These people need to be made an example out of because they are not above the law. If the justice system does nothing here it just goes to show if you have money and in a certain place in government you can get by with anything. I hope this does not happen because I will keep my eye on the situation and I will keep writing about it until justice is sever to her. We need better people running this country and not someone who is going to lie to get into the White House.