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Hillary is not good for president

Well I just want to let you people know more about Hillary Clinton before you decide to vote for her. So do we need someone who has ethics violation be president? No, because when Hillary was an intern she was caught in the Watergate scandal and has ethic violation charges against her. She also lied to the Congress and the families of the people killed in Benghazi. She tried to hide what took place there in her emails but she knew about it when it happen because she sent and email to her daughter about the attack. He son-in-law is a hedge fund investor and she will not do any type of Wall Street reform because of this and we need Wall Street and bank reform to stop the greediness of Wall Street and the big banks. Also she does not know what type of Democrat she is because she was ask that on MSMBC. She will fire people who will not side with her on issues in her cabinet and put in people that will. Plus what about Whitewater deal? This woman has scandal just like her husband follow her. She will not try to fix health care to where the poor people can afford it. She will not bring in jobs to this country because she wants to follow the fail policies of Obama and she is just not right for this country. I do not like when a person lies and hide stuff from the country and they are suppose to represent the whole country. If the republicans continue to control the Congress their will be nothing done under her. So she is not right for this country.


Gun Control 2

Well the President did nothing to help stop illegals from getting guns. The only thing he did was close some loop hoops but nothing was stated about anyone who illegally use a gun. What needs to happen is when someone illegally use a gun get punished for it and put on a violate offender registry just like sex offenders so people can watch these people.  We do need more control on criminals that have had illegally used guns. Criminals will always find away of getting guns either but stealing them or through the black market and the only way to stop them is make laws harder on criminals who illegally use guns.  Also need ways of making gun to where only the owner can use them instead of criminals.

Gun Control

Here we are again talking about gun control and what Obama is going to do with his executive order. We the people and Congress need to state looking at all these executive order and see if Obama is violating the Constitution and if he is we need to get him for treason. The criminals will always get guns no matter what. They can steal and does anyone knows about the black market? Well look what happen when the FBI gave guns to the Mexicans and it came back to hurt them. One of there own officer was kill by the very gun they let get into the hand of criminals.  So there is no way of stopping illegal guns sale and no matter how many laws we have criminals will always find ways of getting them. Let us just take a look at what happen in CA where terrorist got a hold of the gun and they had good back ground to get the guns so how do you stop something like this? No matter how many law you make criminals will find away around the laws. In England when they took away the guns rime went up 300% because the people had no way of protecting themselves and the is why we are well protected because terrorist and other people who wants to harm the US does not do it because they do not know where all the guns are. We need to start standing together and make it tougher on people who illegal use a gun instead of make to where people can not protect themselves.

Hillary is she right for this country?

They are talking about why Hillary left the debate and is that the type of person we need to run this country? Someone who can not be prepared to answer the tough questions. Is she going to leave in the middle of a press conversance? There has been questions about her health and I also heard there is stuff surrounding her son in law how he is help hedge fund managers make more money on the stock market by helping them get a better edge against others. Do we need another scandal in the white house again do we? It high time we the people of the United States start seeing through all these lies and deception that these politicians are telling us. Hillary took a long time to come forth about Benghazi and the people she had underneath her not be forth coming either. Plus the email serve  that she was using that could have leak information into the wrong hands. That is why the government need encrypts in their emails and only use certain email accounts for government use and if not then you need resign your position.

Should the laws be change so Felony’s can get a job?

People who never got caught up in this country legal system do  not know what is it like for people with felony records have a hard time finding work. There is a big time discrimination for people who have a felon record and no one cares if these people are trying there best to pay their bills or put food on there table. All these employers what to do is not give these people a second change and these people are discriminated on and not can be done about it.  It is time to changes the laws to help these people who go out and get educated and to have the door slam in their face. If we want to keep crime down then give these people a change to prove themselves. A lot of criminals get caught up in police sting but the felon record does not show that it just shows the crime.  How would these people feel if they had to feed themselves and how would they feel if they had bill collectors call them if they could not find a job.  If we want to stop crime then stop by putting these people to work so they will not go out and commit a crime. The biggest crime that has happen in this country to where no one went to jail is the financial collapse of 2008 to where no of these people went to jail and they are still in charge of everyone money. How do you feel about that? These people should of went to jail for fraud, embezzlement and other crimes but they was to far tie in with the politicians.

Is Hillary strong enough for President?

After this last debate I feel Hillary stating about where America is with ISIS is not strong enough. She does not show what she is really going to do to this people. I feel that Hillary is not in touch with a lot of issue here in America,  With ISIS we are not even close to defeat this people and we(the US) is not even close of defeating this people because this President does not care.  Plus with the encryption of internet chat with terrorists on social media. The government should ask company like Google and Apple if they be willing to help them just to encrypt just stuff that is on the net from terrorists and I would think that these companies would do that. Hillary even state that there is no hate in this country and that is what this country does not do. Hillary need to take a look at all the white cops shooting unarm black people to the point if more than one bullet hits a person then you are showing hate towards this group of people. Cops need better training on situation like this and we the people need to make sure that the laws state if the a cop is in great danger that could cost him or other their life then they should kill that person, but if that person is unarm then other methods should be take to stop the person. If the person is arm then no more than three shots should be fired. If more than three bullet hit a person then that cop should be charge with murder.

Hillary was not totally honest with us on Benghazi and how can we trust her as President.  I am tire of people like the Clinton’s and the Bush’s trying to run this country. Is it time we elect someone who can run this country like a business and make real decision that will help the people of this country not some other country or create real treated that if countries does not trade fair with the US the tariffs will be imposed. We need strong leaders not weak one.

Stopping the Hate

Here in American has been a melting pot of different type of people. Even with the laws against discrimination has not stop the hate and the discrimination in this country.  I found out here in my state of Missouri a transgender person can get fired from their job and can do nothing about it because of the state laws here against transgender people. State is trying to change that to stop it. Will I am going to say this to all the religious people out there in this country especially the Christians. If you preach love, forgiveness and mercy in the church and do not practice that in your everyday life then you are a murder and Jesus even states that in the Bible so in order to stop people from join hate gang, terrorists group it needs to start in the home and in the Church. For Muslims they need to start show love and start tell the bad one to stop this hate that they are doing and join with the Christian, Jews, and other religious groups to show people love. Black need to stop hating the white and other blacks and start going out and show that you mean something by helping others, getting educated, and get a job because you worked hard for that job. Let us all stop the hate because the person you hate my just save your life one day by donating an organ. Let us make America great again by helping each other and quit being selfish and greedy. Everyone include criminals deserves a second chance at a job and education in this country. Politicians needs to stop making laws by putting people away for a long time for some minor issue and start helping people in this country. We need to elect people with more common sense and stop the money going to hateful politicians.

The Debates

Well the Republicans are at it again and last night debate was on the security of this country. Well I do not think Jeb Bush is a good enough for this country because his states on immigration and remember his brother let us get attack and did nothing to find Osama. Plus he let the banks run rough shot on the country and put the very people into cabin who was the blame for the financial meltdown. Trump he did build a big business and I feel we need someone who can rebuild this country.  Cruz and Rubio are two people who are who want to talk about who is political correct. Well they are both in the government now and they have two different voting records. Cruz is want not legalize illegals because we do not know nothing about these people and Rubio does want to legalize the illegal without check out these people. Well in this election people will say anything to get elected.

Term limits

Should there be term limits on the US Congress? I feel with too many career politicians in office they tend to lose track of why they are in office. People who has been in there over 2 terms tend to fall into being influence by lobbyists, special interest groups and big corporation. These people forgot they represented the  people who voted them into office. But I have to blame the people who keep on voting these people  same people back into office and not getting any different response from these people they elected. It is time we the people of the United States voted into the Constitution another amendment that will make these people a two term congress person or senator. This will put people in office with fresh ideas and will not be influence by the lobbyists and other groups on what the policies should be. We the people should be able to vote on the leaders pay not the leaders themselves. Who in this country beside our government vote themselves  a pay raise? If congress is not doing well they will not get a raise if they are doing well then maybe the people will give them a raise.

Should the United States have more parties?

The United States has have a two political party system and it is about time that this country needs more parties who are willing to shake up the system. I remember when Jessie Ventura became governor he was in a different political party. If we had someone who was from a different party as president then maybe congress would work better instead of party lines. If Germany, England and other countries have more than two parties they are more democratic than the United States. The people instead of the news media should be asking the tough questions instead of news medias who a line themselves with a certain party.  We need more business people, more farmers, more medical people run for office instead of a bung of bitchy laws or people with law degrees. Remember the US Constitution was write to where and eight graded can understand it so should our laws.